Journal of the Japan Society of Polymer Processing
CONTENTS May Vol.5 No.5 1993

Special Issue on the Trend of the Latest Molding Techniques for Thermosetting Plastics

Technical Notes
On the Recent Trend of SMC: Yuzo Hayakawa, 279
Technical Subject on FRP and RTM Method: Sotomi Goto, 287
On the Recent Trend of Injection Molding Techniques for BMC: Satomi Nonaka, 291
Autoclave Method for Thermosetting Composite Materials Used the Mechanical Elements of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Yasuhiro Yamaguchi / Mikine Yoshida, 298
The Application to the Electric Appliances of Unsaturated Polyester Compounds: Tsuguo Kobayashi, 305

Technical Reports
Development of Injection Molding System on Large Size Vertical Clamping Molding Machine: Toyoaki Ueno / Toshio Arai, 311

Views on Processing Technique
Look Back over the Development of Spinning Simulation Technology: Hideaki Ishihara, 317

Special Lecture
Estimation, Measurement and Control of Heat Transfer Phenomena in Polymer Processing (1): Yasuo Kurosaki / Isao Satoh, 330

Original Papers
A Numerical Simulation of the Temperature Fields in a Capillary with Consideration of the Viscous Heat Generation and a Study on the Measured Viscosity Data: Toshihisa Kajiwara / Seiji Itai / Yoshio Nakano / Kazumori Funatsu, 336

The Mechanism of Melt Fracture/Super-shear Phenomena in a Single Screw Extruder; Yue Liang / Masahiro Ohshima / Iori Hashimoto / Yukio Komura / Toshihiro Mikami / Kazuhide Sakamoto, 341

Reports from Universities and Institutions in Japan
Chair of Machining and Production, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Osaka University: Shinsaku Hanasaki / Junsuke Fujiwara, 323

Reports from Oversea Universities and Institutions
Hamburg University, Lavoratory of Prof. Zachmann: Hiroshi Hirahata, 327

Title Service (1) 326